Which types of warehouse beams are the strongest?

January 12, 2024

Which types of warehouse beams are the strongest

In a warehouse, beams are a fundamental component of the racking system. Because they bear the brunt of the stored unit load, these horizontal components of the racking system are crucial. The warehouse’s successful operation relies on the storage system developed and calculated, and choosing the right warehouse beams for industrial racking is crucial.


Types of Beams for Warehouse


The following are some different types of beams for the warehouse:


Double C beams


Two metal profiles in the form of a C joined together is what gives double C beams its name. These two-profile rectangular tube beams are strong and load-capable, but there might be better choices for medium- or light-load storage systems. These beams may be customised to accommodate any unit load due to their wide variety of lengths, widths, and strengths.


Light beams


As opposed to having two profiles connected, light beams have a single whole tube form. Compared to double C beams, this one uses less raw materials and can hold lesser weights. It is the versatile warehouse beams that has two potential applications: selecting solutions and pallet load racking.


Z beams


Z beams are an additional kind of beam in addition to the two kinds mentioned above. Specifically intended to accommodate metal or wooden panels that provide storage of boxes or manual products, these beams have a Z-shaped profile. These beams have a lower load capability due to their solution selection design. The top flange holds the wooden support, although you can achieve a Z beam without it.


Single beams


Alternatively, to the kinds of warehouse beams mentioned, single C beams are also an option. The typical length of usage for these beams is somewhat brief. Their greatest benefit is their ability to install various attachments that would be impossible with a light beam or double C beam because of their hollow design.


Continuous beams


In rare cases, complex clad-rack warehouses employ a beam structurally different from the norm. Those beams last forever. Long, unconnected beams that span construction components. They behave well due to their length and multiple supports. However, their need for flexibility and adaptability limits them to clad-rack warehouses.




Warehouse beams in racking systems primarily serve to reinforce the racking and provide proper support for stored loads, making loading and unloading easier and more efficient for warehouse functions. In addition to flawless manufacturing, the beam needs to be loaded appropriately based on its load capacity, strength, outside treatment, or design.