What are the main types of storage in a warehouse?

December 15, 2023

Warehouse Racking

Warehouses may utilize a single warehouse storage system or a mix of them. If the system is efficient, warehouses may increase order fulfillment and picking. A more secure work environment may be achieved by the implementation of a well-organized storage system. It protects warehouse workers from risk hazards when handling heavy machines and moving about. The following are the most common warehouse storage solutions:


Pallet Racking


Pallet racking is among the most used warehouse racking systems. Pallet racks are a kind of storage unit that may hold several tiers of stock-keeping units (SKUs) stacked horizontally. One obvious advantage of pallet racking is that it makes better use of vertical space than it would have floor space in the warehouse. Forklifts move these pallet-topped racks to improve warehouse efficiency.


Multi-Tier Racking


Multi-tiered racking maximizes vertical space and is ideal for vast stockpiles of tiny products. Multi-tier racking solutions enable you to add or remove levels since each warehouse is different. Most multi-tier racking holds light, hand-grabable items. To optimize this warehouse storage system, design each tier and store items densely while following weight and ceiling-to-rack height limits.


Static Shelving


Shelves serve the purpose of displaying items and products; they are not meant to be moved about. Their layout makes them ideal for storing delicate items that need to be positioned by hand. Hand labor is required since this storage method is incompatible with forklifts.


Mobile Shelving


It functions similarly to stationary shelving; however, it is mobile and has adjustable shelves. More things can be accommodated in less areas with the help of these methods. Level tracks and locking mechanisms are further features that some of them may have. You have the option of using mechanical or manual level tracks.


Mezzanine Flooring


Mezzanine flooring is a great way to save space and maximize efficiency in a warehouse, but it’s not cheap and may be challenging to implement. A mezzanine floor is an extra story built above the ground level of a warehouse. This warehouse layout is one of the costliest because of its invasive design, but it allows for the greatest customisation, such as lighting, lifts, and conveyors.




Warehouse shelving systems come in a variety of forms, and as time goes on, they will only get more efficient, cost-effective, and technologically sophisticated. Avoid being pressured into buying a system that won’t work for your business; instead, look for a solution that can adapt to your requirements as they evolve.