Tips for Organising Your Warehouse Shelving Racks

November 16, 2023

Warehouse Shelving

Keeping your business lean and optimising your facility’s space is possible with the right warehouse shelf organisation. Keeping your warehouse shelves organised is crucial to managing your inventory and maintaining maximum productivity. Even if everything is running smoothly in your facility, optimising the way your shelves are arranged might set up your warehouse for expansion.


How do you know how to set up shelves in warehouses to be as productive as possible? To assist you in using your available space, warehouse shelving, your strategic material handling partner, provides warehouse design and layout planning services. Finding methods to maximise space, building the appropriate storage, and employing the appropriate equipment can all help you organise your warehouse.


Let’s examine the specifics and go over some essential knowledge on the best way to arrange warehouse shelves.


  1. Use vertical storage space.


Using the vertical storage space in your warehouse is one of the simplest ways to expand its storage capacity.  If you just increased the vertical space in each of your storage racks by six feet, think of how many more pallets you could add to your existing inventory. 


  1. Seek input on warehouse enhancements from your staff.


Every day, your workers manage your inventory on the ground and coordinate with them if you need suggestions on how to make your warehousing processes better. They are able to identify inefficiencies and express pain areas that you might not have observed. After paying attention to their advice, start formulating strategies to address these problems and inefficiencies in your warehouse operations.


  1. Make use of the system for warehouse management.


Getting the most out of your warehouse architecture for reduced procedures and increased productivity requires a warehouse management system (WMS). Workplace flow can be improved by carefully planning your floor plan and warehouse activities. It is far more challenging to manage your inventory if your commodities are not easily visible. Hence, a WMS should also guarantee that products are visible.


  1. Make sure you clearly label all of your inventory and warehouse shelving racks.


Your staff will save time if they can locate storage areas, SKUs, and products quickly. Moreover, warehouse shelving can help save time & space. Employee productivity increases when there are time savings since it enables them to pick more orders and store more inventory in the same period.


  1. Get Rid of Outdated Stock


Keeping unsold products on hand could result in empty shelves in your warehouse. The elimination of dead inventory can help maintain operations lean by reducing carrying costs and lost profit.  If you’re storing goods for online retailers for example, think about giving away dead stock as a thank-you present. Selling the stock to a liquidator could allow you to get a little return on your investment.