Quick Guide To The Types Of Warehouse Racking

July 27, 2022

A good racking layout for a warehouse strikes a balance between increasing storage capacity and raising warehouse productivity. Every company has its own unique work methods, so a warehouse layout that works well for one company might not be suitable for another. Poor racking layout and selection can waste warehouse space and have an adverse effect on productivity and stock accessibility. This quick guide to the different types of warehouse pallet racking in Sydney will help you identify the racking layouts that are best for your storage requirements.


1. Upright Frames

These are the vertical steel posts that attach to the horizontal beams and support the weight of the shelves as they incline downward.


2. Horizontal Beams

The shelves are made up of beams that attach horizontally to the two upright frames, one in front and one behind. There are 2 different types.


  • Step beams, Support crossbars, and mesh decks and have a lip on the inside.
  • Box beams- Compatible with wire mesh and safety bars and lack an interior lip.


3. Braces

The horizontal and diagonal bars known as braces, which are typically welded to the uprights, support the uprights and add additional strength.


4. Baseplates

Baseplates, also known as footplates or footpads, join the upright frame to the ground and are fastened with anchor bolts.


5. Crossbars

Crossbars, which are also known as support bars, are positioned in between the horizontal beams to hold up pallets or other materials and keep them from falling through.


6. Clips

Pallet rack clips are tiny fasteners that are used to attach the horizontal beams to the uprights. They are also known as universal safety drop pins, beam locks, or beam connector locks. They keep the horizontal beams from moving around while being loaded and unloaded.

Benefits Of Warehouse Racking

The Benefits Of Pallet Racking Include:

  • Lowers your cost per order and helps you save money.
  • Utilizes vertical space to its fullest extent to maximize space utilization.
  • Keeps you organized
  • Helps protect items on the ground from damage caused by pests, moisture, impacts, etc.
  • Enables you to quickly and easily retrieve pallets


How to Consider the Quality of the Racking?

  1. Engineering: The structural calculation, load and resistance studies, and seismic calculation performed by a specialized technical team are crucial in the most complex storage systems.
  2. The reliable production procedure in every element of the structure: An automated manufacturing process that includes control, traceability, and quality monitoring at every stage to provide the highest-quality rack.
  3. The raw material is the base: Utilizing steel of the highest caliber will strengthen and secure your racking.
  4. Compliance with international and local regulations: Industrial racking’s production and design must comply with all national, international, and regional quality standards.
  5. Tests and simulations: To verify the reliability, field tests must be conducted on all of the above-mentioned essential aspects.


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