Used Stand Off Post Brace 1.4m Long .

Product Code: Btie450-2-1-1

Frame Spacer 930mm Long


Brand: SpeedRack


Colour: Royal Blue



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More Information

Stand – Off Brace approcimatley 1135m long.

A Stand-Off post used to create 3 legged Pallet Racking Frames. This creates Pallet Racking with Extra Depth for larger pallets.

A Minimum of Ties are needed per upright . They are to be positioned at approximatley the height of the bottom horizontal brace in the Pallet Racking Frame and at the top horizontal brace in the Pallet Racking Frame.

The size of the stand off brace is determined by the type of pallets you are using and the depth you wold like the Pallet Racking.

The three legged frames can have Boards or Mesh Decks added to make them a shelf.


Pack Includes


1 Stand Off Frame Brave 1135mm long. (approximate – from the frame to the center of the hole)

2 M10 x 20 Nut and Bolts.

1 M10 x 75 Nut and Bolt.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 5 × 5 cm