Colby 1372mm Drive-in

Product Code: usdclby1.37drive

Brand: Colby


Colour: Orange



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More Information

Used Colby Beam. Each Beam is an 100mm Open beam and supplied with Steel Safety Locks which guarantee that the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent dislodgment.


Beam Size


1372mm wide x 100mm x 50mm

3 Hook Connectors



Product Specifications


Each Pair of Beams holds 2000kg UDL

Easily Adjustable in 76.2mm increments,

Can be SUed for Drive-In Racking.

Complies with Australian Standards 2012,



Pack Includes


1 Colby Beam 1372mm long with 3 pin connectors,

2 Safety Pins.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 5 cm