Downgrade Yellow Tongue 3600 x 800 Pack of 30

Product Code: TGroove3.6 x 80cm-1-1

3.6m Wide

80cm Deep

19mm Thick

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Downgrade New Yellow Tongue and groove Particleboard flooring is structural grade particleboard sheet flooring for interior use in domestic and commercial buildings. Flooring is 19mm Thick – and is a much stronger product than Normal Chipboard.


This Board is Downgrade becasue it has not passed the vigourous testing of the Manufacturer for one reason or another.


Some reasons they are downgrade include but not limited to;

  • chiped edges and broken corners,
  • waterproofing wax not sufficient
  • toungues are not cut straight
  • ends not cut to 90 degrees.








Weight 1095 kg
Dimensions 360 × 80 × 75 cm