How to calculate the load capacity of a Pallet Rack?

December 22, 2023

Pallet Rack


Before purchasing a pallet racking system, know how much weight it can support and how to determine its storage capacity. Professionals and pallet rack designers evaluate the structural load-bearing capabilities of each rack system component to establish racking load limitations. All of the parts work together to make the rack sturdy. A pallet racking system’s load restriction is shown in this way. Due diligence in calculations is required since this is a mathematical topic with significant implications for efficiency and safety racking.


Familiarise Yourself with Two Crucial Calculations to Perform  


Determining the capacity of your pallet rack beam and frame is essential to guarantee safe and effective rack operation. Upon deciding the capacities of these parts, you may get a general notion of the racking solution’s capacity.


  • Finding the Maximum Load Bearing Capacity of Pallet Rack Beams: You need to know what pallet or load you want to put on the beams before figuring out how much weight they can hold. You need to know roughly how much mass each beam can have. Consider a situation where you must keep three pallets containing 454 kg. In this case, the beam capacity should be at least 1360 kg, preferably much more.


  • Figuring Out How Much Space a Pallet Rack Frame Can Hold: To determine how much weight the pallet structure can hold, you must measure the distance between the vertical beams. Measuring the distance between the highest points of two consecutive beam levels is all that is required to determine the beam spacing. For example, the 36 kg frame capacity is appropriate if the computed vertical beam spacing is 203 cm (80 inches).


Several other criteria besides those establish the weight capacity system for pallet racks. You should also think about the warehouse flooring since that’s where the whole load will be put. In addition, the following must be considered:


  • The steel that racking components are made of
  • The strength and breadth of the steel
  • Level of beam and distribution of loads
  • The dimensions of the footplate
  • The steel’s quality
  • Details on the design, breadth, gauge, and height of the upright rack




Seek advice from knowledgeable individuals if you need help deciding which shipping pallet rack is ideal for your load specifications. The firm has provided various racking solutions tailored to individual needs in response to demanding applications. Careful consideration of load requirements and other variables is considered before the firm supplies the pallet rack capacity system.