How Often Does Pallet Racking Need To Be Inspected?

January 31, 2024

Pallet Racking


Warehouses and other industrial buildings often lack adequate pallet racking systems. These systems need to be checked periodically and after certain occurrences to make sure they are working correctly and are compliant with safety regulations. To reduce the likelihood of safety issues and maintain consistent performance, it is essential to know how often to examine pallet racking. Crucial details about pallet racking inspections are provided here.

Why Are Inspections Of Racks Essential?

If there is any damage to the racking, it will be found during the inspection. Zones that might be hit harder can also be highlighted. Without constant vigilance, racking may deteriorate over time due to even minor impacts. Pulling collapse may result from this. Health and safety regulations also require regular inspections of the racking. Health and Safety Executive regulations are in place to protect employees. As part of its requirements, the HSE places a premium on independent racking inspections.

Investigations of whether or not HSE standards and recommendations were followed would be conducted in the event of an accident. Carelessness might be inferred from facilities that fail to achieve these requirements. They would, therefore, be held responsible in the event that an employee was hurt due to racking that was not properly maintained.

How Often Is It Necessary To Check Racking?

A comprehensive pallet racking examination should be carried out at least once every twelve months, according to the Health and Safety Executive. On the other hand, once a week, a PRRS should visually examine the racking and record the findings. Further examination of the equipment would be necessary if there were any situations endangering its safety, according to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Consequently, it is essential to do a comprehensive assessment without delay in the event that the racking has been relocated or damaged. Continuous monitoring technology is the most secure way to aid with these checks in busy operations.

Ways to Avoid Racking Damage?

Avoiding the most common reasons for racking damage is the surest approach to keep your pallet racks Brisbane in good condition. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggests that safeguards must be in place for any racking that is near moving parts or vehicles. This is particularly true for racking that is located on the ground since it is more prone to being struck. Protective measures for racking may take the form of barriers, rack leg protectors, and rack end barriers.


No manufacturing facility can afford to ignore health and safety concerns. One significant advantage of inspecting pallet racking on a regular basis is that any tiny problems may be addressed right away. Serious accidents may occur when issues are not checked for defects or damage regularly enough. Professional pallet racks Brisbane inspections will reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring in your warehouse.