How Can Cantilever Racking Handle Heavy Loads With Ease?

September 6, 2020

Would you not be interested to have a storage space that is beneficial in terms of space, load-bearing, and easy to retrieve from your storage facility? 

Cantilever racking is a one-of-its-kind storage system that enables storage of heavy-duty items ranging from pipes, steel, lumbar, and are easy to assemble. A warehouse of an industry having such a storage space has ample benefits to the business. This racking system improves the overall efficiency of the business by providing various advantages for the successful functioning of the industry.

How cantilever racking is installed? Storage rack installation

Cantilever racking is installed based on the engineering to withhold lightweight goods as well as heavy-duty products. It is structured with a beam anchored on either a heavy wall or double-sided beams that support the arms to store the products.  

This type of racking can be done single-sided as well double-sided, making it convenient, value-added to the customers as well as provide unimpeded storage for beams, steel, pipes.

This type of racking is built with an upright, which is a vertical beam that supports the arms. The uprights are connected to the base of the racking system that is attached to it with the help of bolts. The base usually is sturdy providing support and its imperative to build strong connections between an upright, base, and arms. If these are single-sided racks, one end of the arms is supported by the upright beam which is engineered to hold heavy-duty products.

How is it beneficial to use a warehouse cantilever racking system?

Cantilever racks are beneficial for the warehouse shelving in

  • Augmenting the area by vertically storing the products in the warehouse up to a certain height so that the capacity is used to the maximum extent possible.
  • Cantilever shelving improves turn around, while loading and unloading, it becomes convenient for the user.
  • The display or the stacking up of the products are consecutively done making it presentable for the stake owners and for the staff during handling situations.
  • The long and heavy-duty products can be stored with easeĀ 
  • If need be, some more arms can be increased in heavy-duty cantilever racks.

What are the hindrances?

The hindrances are as follows:

  • To design the cantilever pallet racking capital investment is required
  • The labour costs are usually higher than the warehouse charges

Cantilever racking can handle heavy loads with ease- Heavy-duty cantilever racks

Cantilever racking is devised to handle lightweight and heavyweight products in warehouse or superstore storage capacity.

  • The upright beams which are connected to the base and arms providing firmness and solidity in holding the products.
  • when the racks are attached to a stable wall, it can handle the heavy-duty load with ease 
  • The double-sided racks can also withstand any kind of weights and can be attached to the floor for added safety and the risk of toppling can be restricted.
  • The structuring is done in such a way that narrow the front of the arm and wider it is, can hold the lightweight goods without any hassle.

There is a market for single-sided and double-sided industrial cantilever racking systems that are beneficial to the warehouse storage solution. The single side initially can later be converted to a double side depending upon the requirement. The cantilever racking system is best suited for efficiently using the storage units whilst handling goods of stoutness with dexterity.

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