Advantages of Used Long-Span Shelving | SpeedRack

September 2, 2022

While long-span shelving may appear simple, it is perfectly capable of completing the task at hand. Long-span shelvings have been around for decades and have been making things convenient and easier for users. In warehouses and shopping centers, it is an ideal solution for storing small and medium-sized stock. In this blog, we will be looking at some undeniable advantages of owning long-span shelves. Read on to gain more insights on the topic.

used longspan shelving

What is long-span shelving?

Storage systems designed for small and medium-sized items are known as long-span racking. Drums, boxes, or larger cartons are used to store and retrieve products. It is possible to find used long-span shelving in a variety of sizes and shapes. Materials such as mesh, steel, or chipboard can be used to make used long-span shelving units. Most of them are made of two or more materials and can adapt to your storage requirements for all kids. 

Advantages of long-span shelving

Easy to build

Typically, used long-span shelvings have a bolted design and are held together using fixing and pins making them very convenient and easy to assemble. Even if in the future, a re-design is required or any additions are to be made, the easy adjustability of long-span shelves makes them easy to work with. They’re extremely adaptable and adjustable. Designed to be modular, it can be added at any time (provided capacity restrictions are not overlooked) – based on facility space – and reorganized in a variety of ways. This is particularly useful when there are multiple stock variations entering and leaving the warehouse and where there is a high turnover.


Longspan shelvings are the most suitable choice for warehouses as they are able to withstand constant and high-volume usage. Generally, long-span shelvings are made of painted and galvanised steel making them highly durable. Due to its lightweight and strength combination, it is extremely manoeuvrable without compromising functionality and stability. Moreover, long-span shelves do not require a lot of maintenance and require minimal tools to be used on them. They are also meant for manual picking of products only which means there won’t be any damage caused by a forklift. 

Pocket friendly

Considering all the benefits it’s offering, you’d think that a long-span shelf will burn a hole through your pocket when in reality, they’re very cost-effective and affordable. Throughout its long history of usage in various warehouses, it has come out as a staple and sustainable asset to them. The sustainability makes them worth the investment. Furthermore, they maximize the storage space making them a valuable asset to the warehouse managers. 

The bottom Line

If your business deals with goods that are unfit for pallet rackets, we recommend using long-span racks as they will prove to be your best bet in maximizing the storage space. However, long-span racks come in a variety of height and space options and there is no cookie cutter approach through which you can design which one is the best for your needs. Therefore, we advise you to do your research properly and talk to an expert from Speed rack to select the most appropriate long-span shelf for your business.