What is Cantilever Racking? (Types and Uses)

March 13, 2024

What is Cantilever Racking (Types and Uses)

Have you heard about cantilever racking? If not, you must learn about them. Cantilever pallet  racking is one of the most effective and useful racking systems that help you store bulky and irregularly shaped products or items with ease. These types of racking are primarily used in large inventories such as warehouses, mills, company storage etc. 

Today we will learn what cantilever pallet racking systems are, their types and their Uses. So, let’s get started. 

What is Cantilever racking? 

Let’s begin with the basics and learn about our cantilever pallet  racking system. It will help you understand better. A cantilever racking system is a type of racking system that is specially designed to store bulky, irregularly shaped products with a good length such as lumber, timber, metal shafts etc. Cantilever pallet  racking offers vertical obstruction that you will not get with any other pallet  racking system. 

Types of Cantilever racking

Cantilever pallet  racking has two different types that serve different purposes. Each type has its unique benefits. Below we will discuss them in detail. 

  • Roll-formed Cantilever rack

The roll-formed cantilever rack is a medium-durable pallet racking system with several load capacities.  This pallet  racking system is very flexible and easy to install and adjust. Also, they are low in cost in comparison to other pallet-racking systems. 

  • Structural Cantilever rack

Unlike roll-formed cantilever racks, structural cantilever racks are more durable and have higher loading capacity. They are heavy-duty, reliable and mostly made with stainless steel. 

  • Hybrid cantilever rack

The hybrid cantilever rack is a unique combination of both structural and roll-formed cantilever rack systems where the structured metal rack pallet  is used for front, based and side supports while the roll-formed cantilever pallet  will be at the back end of the rack to provide maximum support for storing bulky and irregularly shaped products. 

Uses of Cantilever racks 

The Cantilever pallet  racking system has several uses both in business and personal which include-

  • Suitable for storing bars, pipes and sheets of around 2,000-pound weight.
  • Standard cantilever rack can store PVC pipe and tubes up to 1,500 to 4,000-pound weight in each arm. 
  • Medium-duty cantilever rack can store aluminium sheets and drywall weighing up to 500 – 1,500 pounds per arm. 


The Cantilever pallet racking system is quite popular for creating large inventory space for warehouses, Company storage, manufacturers, etc. They are modern, heavy-duty and reliable. Above, we have discussed everything you need to know about the cantilever racking system. Also, if you want to install cantilever racks in your inventory, visit Speed Rack for quality racking solutions.