Frame 4877mm tall

Product Code: F4877-1-2-1

SpeedRack Pallet Racking End Frame.




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10% Discount for 5 or more Frames       $210.15

20% Discount for 25 or more Frames     $186.80



More Information

SpeedRack Pallet Racking Uprights are the perfect storage solutions no matter what your needs. Our Frame 4877mm x 912mm Tall are Fast and easy to assemble, it is a Modular Design with bolted frames and clip-in beams. SpeedRack Frame 4877mm x 912mm are Pre-assembled in our factory before they are sent out to you – we do all the hard work for you saving you Installation time, and ensuring no missing parts. Our Frames are made from a Thicker steel than other brands. They are 1.8mm thick making our Frames a smart choice and substantially stronger than other Brands.


We also have a large selection of used Racking Please click on this link to visit our Used Racking Range , Steel Mesh Decks and Accessories to compliment our Pallet Racking.


We Pre-Assemble the Uprights for our customers so they are ready to Install. However this does increase the cost of the shipping for larger quanties.

We offer a $10 Discount per frame for items shipped un-assembled.


For Further Information, or answers to any questions please email us at


Product Specifications


1067mm Depth – Not for Australian Pallets.

4877mm tall x 912mm deep.

Post Section: 90mm wide x 70mm deep x 1.8mm thick.

Holds 9000kg Per bay – 1st Beam positioned at 1600mm high.

Easily Adjustable in 76.2mm increments.

Complies with Australian Standards 2012.

5 year warranty.


Pack Includes


2 Upright posts 4877mm tall.

2 Standard Base Plates.

7 Diagonal Braces.

2 Horizontal Braces.

4 M10 x 25 Bolts/Nuts.

10 M12 x 65 Bolts/Nuts.

2 Bracing Blocks.

Deep Frame for Non-Standard Pallets.

Frames Weight Dimensions
assembled48 kg488 × 91 × 10 cm
un-assembled48 kg488 × 10 × 10 cm

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