Back Tie 450

Product Code: Btie450

Frame Spacer 450mm Long


Brand: SpeedRack


Colour: Royal Blue



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Back Ties are used in Back to Back Runs of Racking to Join the two Runs together.

A Minimum of two Back Ties are needed per upright to meet Australian Standards.


We Recommended;


2 Back Ties for Frames 1.8m tall to 3.6m tall,

3 Back Ties for Frames 4.2m tall to 5.4m tall,

4 Back Ties for Frames 6m tall,

5 Back Ties for Frames 7.2m tall.


Product Specifications


Fits any Brand of Frame.

Complies with Australian Standards 2012.

5 year warranty.


Pack Includes


1 Frame Spacer 450mm long.

2 M10 x 20 Nut and Bolts.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 5 × 5 cm