Tyre racking

Tyre Racking is Shelving or Pallet Racking that has been configured to store Tyres. It can be 2.4m tall and accessed by hand, or It can be up to 6m tall and accessed by lifting Equipment. It is the ideal solution for storing your tires, rims and coils. It is modular and is extremely easy to install. Moreover, tyre racking systems are easily expandable. These systems are very important for the storage of tires because in case the tired are left outside without being used for long periods of time, due to atmospheric conditions, their surface becomes dry which results in the appearance of surface chaps on the tires. Tyre Racking is commonly 600mm deep or 750mm deep depending on the Diameter of the Tyre.


Some Examples products and prices of Tyre Racks are listed below. We can also custom make a system. Please contact us and let us know your requirements.

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