Mesh Backing

Mesh Backs have now become a very important part pallet racking and shelving storage systems as safety and security of workers in warehouses has become paramount. Mesh Backs or warehouse rack guarding systems are specially designed to prevent from falling off a bay and landing on a passerby. It also prevents sharp and or unbalanced loads from falling through the brackets.


Over the years, installation of mesh backs has not been a priority in warehouses and has often been neglected but in the modern world, with the increased importance given to safety and security, and the increased pallet racking inspections, a lot of importance is being given to safety measures.


In areas where there are single-sided pallet racking bays, mesh backs are essential for safety. Mesh Back Sheeting is used to prevent items from falling off the back of racking. It is used to protect workers and staff from falling items. It is used along walkways or to section off Pallet Racking from packing Areas. Mesh Backing is easy to install, and fits any racking.


Mesh back panels constructed using steel mesh that have steel edging. This is done because steel mesh is extremely strong and at the same time, it is very easy to see through. These panels come in various standard sizes, both in terms of width and height but can be constructed according to specific requirements.

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