Essential warehouse safety tips to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic

July 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has led the world to rethink the
work environment. The spread of the virus is fast and is affecting millions of
people worldwide. To maintain safety, there have been approaches to minimize
business transactions that involve human contact. However, large businesses
cannot compensate for the use of the warehouse. Warehouses play an essential
role in storing and carrying forward goods for product-based companies around
the world. 

Safety precautions are taken under consideration to
provide a safe working environment for employees to avoid accidents. But now
the attention is with the spread of a deadly virus. The disease may widely
spread and can be challenging for warehouse
. Extra
precautions need to be deployed to keep warehouse employees safe from the
spread of COVID-19. Here are some warehouse safety tips that can be considered
as short term and long term precautionary for COVID-19.

tips for warehouse safety solutions during COVID-19 pandemic

  • ●      
    Educating the employees

The disease
spreads fast from one person to another. To restrict the spread of the COVID-19
virus, one has to abide by social distancing and good personal hygiene. It has
been studied that most of the people are unaware of the safety measures that
can prevent the spread of the pandemic. The warehouse authorities must take us
to the challenge to educate their employees about the safety measure that works
for COVID-19. Conduction of special training and offering written documents
will make a lot of difference to educate employees about the dos and don’ts for
COVID-19. Under these training, a special focus must be given on proper
distancing, working on a contactless basis, and taking good care of self-hygiene
and health. 

  • Monitoring employee’s health

 The virus is contagious and spreads mostly from
one another. The warehouse administration must incorporate proper health
measures to ensure all employees attending the warehouse are in good health.
This may include:

  • Checking
    body temperature at the entrance 
  • Screening
    for other health-related issues for all employees
  • Look
    out for symptoms while they are at work

While these things are monitored regularly, the spread
of the virus could be controlled within the warehouse premises.

  • Working in small teams

To avoid contracting the virus, it is essential to
maintain safe distancing measures within the warehouse. The administration team
should make work possible with small teams. This will help employees to
maintain safe distancing as well as keep their morale high as they work as a
team. This may also include operating in shifts. Employees working as forklift
operators, product handlers, etc. have a high chance of touching and spreading
the virus. Therefore, only a limited number of employees should be allowed to
work in these areas to maintain safety at work.

  • Excellent hygiene practices at the warehouse

Personal hygiene and workplace hygiene goes hand in hand
to prevent COVID-19. All employees should be educated about maintaining good
personal hygiene. Hand sanitizers should be installed in all places at regular
intervals for the employees at the warehouse. All incoming employees must wash
their hands with soap and water. Similarly, highly touched surfaces should be
cleaned once every 2 hours.

All these measures will help warehouses to provide a
safe and secure environment for the employees. These measures need to be
practiced over time as employees are introduced to the new normal.