Back Tie 600

Product Code: Btie450-2

Frame Spacer 600mm Long


Brand: SpeedRack


Colour: Royal Blue



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A Frame Spacer 600mm or Back Tie is used in Back to Back Runs of Racking to Join the two Runs together. This provides extra stability to the Racking.

A Minimum of two Back Ties are needed per upright to meet Australian Standards 2012. They are to be positioned at approximatley the height of the bottom horizontal brace in the Pallet Racking Frame and at the top horizontal brace in teh Pallet Racking Frame.

The Australian standards do not set the length of the frame spacer. They specify that a minimum distance of 100mm is needed between the ajoining pallets on the Pallet Racking. The size of the frame spacer or back ties as they are commonly known is determined by the type of pallets you are using and the skill of the forklift operator.

Since 2012 most pallet racking installations are designed with a frame spacer that is 450mm long.

The Standards make no mention of Frame spacer 600mm being needed with Boards or Mesh Decks.


We Recommended;


2 Back Ties for Frames 1.8m tall to 3.6m tall,

3 Back Ties for Frames 4.2m tall to 5.4m tall,

4 Back Ties for Frames 6m tall,

5 Back Ties for Frames 7.2m tall.


Product Specifications


Fits any Brand of Frame.

Complies with Australian Standards 2012.

5 year warranty.


Pack Includes


1 Used Frame Spacer 600mm long.

2 M10 x 20 Nut and Bolts.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 5 × 5 cm