Splice Kit

Product Code: Btie450-1

Splicing Set


Brand: SpeedRack


Colour: Royal Blue



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Dexion Racking Splicing Kit are a cheap and affordable way to Repair Dexion Pallet Racking.


With a Dexion Splicing Kit, Racking does not need to be Dismantled, it is possable to repair cut the damaged section out from teh Frame and use a Dexion Racking Splicing Kit to insert a new section. Simply remove any beams or mesh deck from the racking.

Splicing Plates are used to extend Racking Uprights. Uprights can be extended, or Repaired.

In most cases it is easier to dismantle the pallet racking Upright and repair it on a work bench. Why Repair when it may be quicker and easier to buy a New Frame. We also trade in Damaged Pallet Racking Frames and can Supply you a New Frame.

Prevent Damage to your Pallet Racking with one of our Pallet Racking Upright Guards, which protect the front upright of the pallet racking from accidental damage by forklifts. We also have extreamly Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Bollards to protect the complete end of the palelt rackign bays.


Product Specifications


Fits Dexion Mark6.

Does not fit all Dexion Racking Frame Profiles – Will fit Mark 6 Frames Only.

Complies with Australian Standards 2012.



Pack Includes


2 Used Splicing Plates.

4 M10 x 65 Nut and Bolts.

5 Splicing Blocks.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × .2 cm