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  • Eye-level to buy level- The importance of in-store Shelving

    August 10, 2021

    Shelf displays matter immensely, and so does product placement. Supermarket shelves often tell stories that we do not normally consider. There are several visual merchandising principles that apply in this regard. Placement of products is basically dependent upon research nowadays, which clearly states that shoppers start viewing shelves at eye level, go from the left to the right and thereafter take purchase-related decisions in only a few seconds. 

    On the basis of this system of retail positioning¸, CPGs and retailers have created a pla…

  • Causes of Rack Collapses in Warehouse & Ways to Prevent Them

    July 10, 2021

    A pallet rack collapse can be a problematic thing for any warehouse. There are situations when a forklift causes warehouse collapse, or any other forklift hits rack, or improper warehouse management leads to a major warehouse rack collapse situation. You should always be on the lookout for such accidents with all racks and other proper shelving units. 

    You should be looking to steadily improve warehouse operations and stop any potential warehouse racking accidents likewise. All warehouses are highly accident-prone, and they are set up …

  • A Must-Have Warehouse Equipment List – Tools, Lifts, Storage & More

    June 30, 2021

    Warehouses store everything that we need in our daily lives, right from food and apparel to electronics, furniture and other essentials. When setting up a warehouse facility, innumerable factors need to be considered, from warehouse shelving solutions and store equipment to electric forklift hire and a locker for the warehouse. Warehouses can be of different types – from smaller stocking rooms in the back of any business facility to an area covering several thousand square feet as well. Many owners choose to buy new equipment, while some look …

  • Raw Material Warehouse Management- A Guide for Manufacturers

    June 10, 2021

    From raw material inventory management tips to learning about improving warehouse operations, there is a lot to absorb for manufacturers regarding the management of raw material warehouses. Proper storage and handling of raw materials is a must for better management, along with a plethora of other must-dos and tasks. Here’s taking a look at some key aspects. 

    Raw material warehouses emphasize transportation, storage, distribution, and assembly of raw materials useful for manufacturing businesses. Material-based logistics are vital fo…

  • New vs Used Pallet Racking- Which to buy?

    June 2, 2021

    Should you opt for used pallet racking or new pallet racking? There is a sizable demand for storage racking systems whenever you are scaling up or expanding the warehouse, shifting to a newer warehouse, or require a temporary solution for storage purposes. You should consider deploying an investment into a pallet racking setup since these racks are vital aspects of any operation across a warehouse. They may also represent a significant financial investment. Hence, you should aim to get it right by all means. 

    Should you get hold of use…